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Save the Eminov’s family

The chronicles of an average heroic gesture… They were told: “Don’t go in there, It’s deadly!” Despite the warnings the two pastors went inside and brought them out. The sniper kept shooting. It’s now our turn to make a miracle happen.

Missionaries from Slavyansk get trapped in bad weather trying to evacuate citizens

Last night, missionaries from Slavyansk went to Avdeyevka to evacuate citizens because of heavy shooting. Pastor Dudnik wrote on his Facebook page: “Friends! There is heavy shooting in Avdeyevka. Fires in sections of the city and citizens have become victims. People are freezing. The missionary team from Slavyansk left on four buses to evacuate women […]


Back to School Ministry

Children from the frontline areas in Eastern Ukraine are about to start a new school year. Due to the ongoing war in the region, many of the families cannot afford buying school supplies for their kids. Together Ministry has started a project raising funds for purchase of backpacks and basic school supplies for children form […]


Christian Camp for Kids from War Zone

Children from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine have arrived to Christian kids camp in Smela town, central Ukraine. Many of them being of such a young age have already experienced war, explosions, hunger, homelessness, desperation… They are so excited to go to their little vacation away from darkness and fear. It is priceless to […]


Food Aid for Eastern Ukraine

Bread is gold in frontline towns in Eastern Ukraine; it is what gives these people hope for the future. Our volunteers visit frontline towns in Eastern Ukraine to serve people in need giving away bread and food packages. Only $20 feeds an average family for a week. You can help a struggling family by donating […]


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